2021 Gender Neutral Nursery Rooms Trends

Gender Neutral Nursery Rooms Nursery Room Decor Nursery Room Trends

When it comes to finding out the gender of your baby everyone has a difference of opinion. You can   find out at the doctor’s office, throw a gender reveal party, or wait till they are born! If you do choose to wait until your little one’s birthday, you can still have the most amazing nursery room and not just settle for one decorated in all yellow! Below are 5 gender neutral nursery room themes that perfect for your little one’s birth to come home to regardless of their sex!


  1. Natural: Using natural earth tones of beige, cream, ivory, and white with different patterns and textures is a sure way to give your nursery room a clean, warm, and loving environment. You can use rugs and baskets to add patterns and textures! Add white curtains, some wall art and décor, and don’t forget the babies first stuffed animal in a brown or beige like a bear or rabbit!


  1. Green: Add dark green or forest green as an accent wall to give your nursery room a pop of color. Then layer on tan or natural wood pieces with white décor you have an earth tone nursery room that is fit for a boy or girl! This nursery room did a fantastic job of adding tan and natural wood tones through the crib, chandler, and toy box! As well as adding a white dressing/ changing table station and wall art that softens the appearance of this nursery room!


  1. Orange: Orange is one of those colors that most people will pass on for a nursery room, but this orange themed nursery room adds all the perfect pops of orange in all the right places. Making this a timeless nursery room for either gender. Mixing different shades of orange, from the painted patterns on the ceiling, to the crib sheet, curtains, wall art, plant basket, and blanket is all the orange you would want and more, without being overwhelming!


  1. Brown / Beige: A big trend in home décor is using natural and organic materials. It was only a matter of time that this trend would make its way to a nursery room! This brown and beige gender-neutral nursery room is perfect because it adds soft and earthy natural tones through its wallpaper, canopy, dresser, and bookshelves!


  1. White: White is clean and classic, and you can never go wrong with an all-white room! White décor seems to stand the test of time and is perfect for a gender-neutral nursery room!

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