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WAWL Kids was founded in 2019 through our WAWL Décor brand by owner and designer Robyn Fontaine.  In 2021 we decided to separate WAWL Décor into 2 sites: WAWL Décor our home décor site and WAWL Kids our baby and kid room décor, product and goods site.  

As parents time is our most valued asset, time with our kids, time for ourselves, time with our partners for a date night. Time for parents is a warped reality where the days seem excruciating long, but the years fly by and we feel as though we can never grasp enough time! This is where WAWL Kids helps give parents some of their time back!

When it comes to shopping for baby and kid room décor parents and kids love a good, themed room! The time it takes to surf through site after site, go from store to store trying to find décor, products or goods based on the theme you are trying to create takes time. So, stop wasting time!

WAWL Kids is set up for you to shop themed room décor and products for your babies and kids! You can shop by room theme which list all products related to that specific theme saving you time.

Shop our Designs is a section where we give you an entire mood board (arrangement of images, materials, and products) that creates an entire room look. Find your theme or design you love and shop our design with shoppable links to the products and items you see in that design. All for FREE. You can create these rooms as if you hired an Interior Designer or Decorator but for FREE.

All our products are either handcrafted and made with high-quality, recycled, organic materials or sourced through other small companies that love to make and create modern, trendy and stylish products for your little ones.  We list quality products and décor that will last a lifetime and be a keepsake for memories to pass on from generation to generation!

In addition to our room décor, products and goods we offer two other sections on our website! First, shop gift boxes for birthdays, holidays or baby showers! Saving you time at the store but also give the gift of what parents want and need! Second, our recipes section! Where we have baby and kid food recipes from breakfast, snacks, lunch, diner, smoothies, juices, desserts, meal prep and fun holiday themed food platters to save you time when you can’t figure out what to make that is kid friendly!  

Since our brand WAWL has been open we have been featured in British Vogue where our feather themed nursery room was published in there July 2020 digital magazine!

We may be a new company, but we strive to find, and list products parents will love and also help get some of their time back to enjoy the things that matter the most! FAMILY!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your family!


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